Real Estate Licensee Verification Database

Licensee Verification Web Service (LVWS)

ARELLO maintains a database of over 3 million real estate licensees. We receive licensee data directly from participating jurisdictions, most updated daily. With the ARELLO Licensee Verification Web Service, you can fully automate searches of our database and take the work out of licensee verification.


We currently offer an API into our database for a fee. Taking advantage of the API allows you to fully automate licensee searches using a script or program you design. See the documentation for more information.


The pricing for our tiers is based on the number of monthly web service calls:

Web Service PlanMaximum Monthly SearchesAnnual FeeActivation Fee (Non-Refundable)
ARELLO 500 Plan500$2,750$150
ARELLO 1K Plan1,000$3,700$150
ARELLO 5K Plan5,000$4,900$150
ARELLO 10K Plan10,000$6,500$150
ARELLO 25K Plan25,000$9,750$250
ARELLO 100K Plan100,000$12,500$250

Ready to try?

If you'd like to try out the service take a test drive using our test account. The testing account is completely free, and it performs exactly like a live account, but uses a small, random subset of the live data as well as a few seed records to aid in testing.

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