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Use the search tool above to search for a real estate practitioner to verify the current status of that person's license or registration.

This tool will research an international database for information you can use to determine whether or not the person with whom you are working is in fact authorized to assist you for a fee in a real estate transaction.

See our Important Legal Notices to learn more about how to use this information.

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"Housing Discrimination
in the Real World"

The Oklahoma Real Estate Commission produced a video that presents real world cases of housing discrimination highlighting how the law against discrimnation was broken in each of the scenarios. View


About The ARELLO.COM Licensee Verification Database

ARELLO® is the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials, comprising the official governmental agencies and other organizations that issue real estate licenses/registrations in addition to regulating real estate practice and enforcing real estate law.

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It is important to verify the licensure/registration of the person or persons with whom you are working or are considering working in any profession. This site is the only one of its kind and is the product of the cooperation by various governmental and not-for-profit organizations who are seeking to help assist and protect the public.

The information here is deemed to be reliable, but please see the 'Important Legal Notices' section of this site for more information on the data available here.

In addition to the license/registration search, you may also link from this site to the various real estate regulatory organizations around the world, view online versions of real estate regulations from several jurisdictions that have them available, and also find links to other real estate organizations and sites of interest.

ARELLO Licensee Verification Web Service

Need to automate verification of large numbers of licensees?  The ARELLO® Licensee Verification Web Service may be for you. The LVWS allows organizations to include license verification tools in their own computer applications. Ensuring real estate practitioners are licensed professionals has never been more important. This allow organizations to connect to ARELLO's database and efficiently verify licenses in mass numbers.

For more information about how your organization may be able to use this powerful new tool, check the Licensee Verification Web Service (LVWS) page.